How I store my Monthly Kits from Kitaholic Kits...

Evening everyone,

I wanted to give you a quick run down of how I store my kits from Kitaholic Kit Club so that I feel inspired and I can see clearly what I have to work with when getting creative.

First thing to know is that I purchase all five of their monthly kits - their main, pocket page, mixed media, embellishment and paper add on kits. This gives me an amazing selection that complements each other superbly to work with for ages.

Secondly I use a really useful 7l box that I purchased from Officeworks in Australia. It is 12 x 13 inches box that has an insert tray that has compartments that are perfect for embellishments and the bottom section is great for paper (don't even have to cut off the branding strips) and thickers and bigger packets or items. 

Here is a direct link to the product online.

As I open the kits I open the packets of ephemera and sort them into the top tray and place the paper, thickers and large items in bottom tray. Having packets open means you are more likely to use the item as the convenience is heightened and touching products when looking for items is what benefits my creativity mojo to get things onto the layout.

Here is a link to my video of the unboxing and placing into the really useful box if you would like to check it out. 


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